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I’m using the official AWS Golang SDK to integrate with SES but can’t find any information about how to add some attachments (pdf file represented as []byte in code) to the email.

Could you help me?

The current email sending code looks like this:

sesEmailInput := &ses.SendEmailInput{
    Destination: &ses.Destination{
        ToAddresses: []*string{aws.String("To address")},
    Message: &ses.Message{
        Subject: &ses.Content{
            Data: aws.String("Some text"),
        Body: &ses.Body{
            Html: &ses.Content{
                Data: aws.String("Some Text"),
    Source: aws.String("From address"),
    ReplyToAddresses: []*string{
        aws.String("From address"),
if _, err := s.sesSession.SendEmail(sesEmailInput); err != nil {
    return err


To send attachments, use the SendRawEmail API instead of SendEmail. AWS documentation will generally refer to this as constructing a ‘raw message’ instead of explicitly calling out how to send attachments.


From the AWS SDK for Go API Reference, linked below:

params := &ses.SendRawEmailInput{
    RawMessage: &ses.RawMessage{ // Required
        Data: []byte("PAYLOAD"), // Required
    ConfigurationSetName: aws.String("ConfigurationSetName"),
    Destinations: []*string{
        aws.String("Address"), // Required
        // More values...
    FromArn:       aws.String("AmazonResourceName"),
    ReturnPathArn: aws.String("AmazonResourceName"),
    Source:        aws.String("Address"),
    SourceArn:     aws.String("AmazonResourceName"),
    Tags: []*ses.MessageTag{
        { // Required
            Name:  aws.String("MessageTagName"),  // Required
            Value: aws.String("MessageTagValue"), // Required
        // More values...
resp, err := svc.SendRawEmail(params)

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