cannot use &cfg (value of type *aws.Config) as *aws.Config value in argument to session.NewSession


I’m trying to get a new AWS Session like this:

cfg, err := config.LoadDefaultConfig(context.TODO())
if err != nil {

awsSession, err := session.NewSession(&cfg)
if err != nil {

But I get a confusing (at least to me) error:

cannot use &cfg (value of type *aws.Config) as *aws.Config value in argument to session.NewSession

The signature of NewSession() looks like this:

func NewSession(cfgs ...*aws.Config) (*Session, error)

Does the fact that NewSession() is a variadic function play any role in producing this error?

Why does the error go away if I pass a literal aws.Config{} like this?

awsSession, err := session.NewSession(&aws.Config{})


You’re mixing up AWS SDK versions.

The package session exists in AWS SDK v1 with import path and expects arguments of type "".Config. It does not exist in AWS SDK v2.

The config package you were loading your configs from instead is from AWS SDK v2 with import path therefore LoadDefaultConfigs returns "".Config.

These are not the same type and the compiler is telling you that (albeit with a partially useful error message).

You have to keep your AWS SDK versions consistent. With v2, you are supposed to instantiate the specific AWS services with the config, instead of a session. For example s3.New(&cfg).

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