Checking equality of interface{}


I am searching a []interface{} slice for a given interface{} value:

var v interface{}
for i := 0; i < len(A); i++ {
  if (A[i] == v) {

In the trivial case the types are int. However what should I do if, for example, the types are some custom struct?


Thanks to @CodingPickle comment, I provide the following from the Go Programming Language Specification

The equality operators == and != apply to operands that are comparable.

Regarding interface{}s and structs:

  • Interface values are comparable. Two interface values are equal if they have identical dynamic types and equal dynamic values or if both have value nil.
  • A value x of non-interface type X and a value t of interface type T are comparable when values of type X are comparable and X implements T. They are equal if t’s dynamic type is identical to X and t’s dynamic value is equal to x.
  • Struct values are comparable if all their fields are comparable. Two struct values are equal if their corresponding non-blank fields are equal.

You can also try this playground

In other words, handling equality seems easy in Go!

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