Defining a mount point for volumes in GoLang Docker SDK


I am currently trying to create a Docker container using the official GoLang Docker SDK and am trying to mount a volume from my localhost to the docker container.

vol := map[string]struct{}{"/pathInDocker":{}}

// This was prepared using example at:
res, err := cli.ContainerCreate(ctx, &container.Config{
    Image: testImageName,
    Volumes: vol,
    Cmd: []string{"ls", "/"},
}, nil, nil, "")

This works at creating the container and adding the “/pathInDocker” to the docker container, however, I cannot figure out how to add the mount point for the localhost.

I have tried the following possible values for the vol variable

vol := map[string]struct{}{"localPath:/pathInDocker":{}}
vol := map[string]struct{}{"\"localPath\":\"/pathInDocker\"":{}}

And for each of these the resulting docker container attempts to mount the map key as the folder in docker with not mount point for localhost.

I’ve dug through the docs and the only line I can seem to find talking about how to configure volumes at all is this one:

Volumes         map[string]struct{} // List of volumes (mounts) used for the container

So my question is how to configure this so it mounts a local folder to the volume?


If you want to use bind mounts, you need to provide your mount information in HostConfig.

res, err := client.ContainerCreate(
        Image: "nginx",
        Cmd:   []string{"ls", "/"},
        Mounts: []mount.Mount{
                Type:   mount.TypeBind,
                Source: "/localPath",
                Target: "/pathInDocker",

And if you want to use volume, 1st you need to create a volume with mount path, then you need to use this volume name as Source.

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