Does Go have "if x in" construct similar to Python?


Without iterating over the entire array, how can I check if x in array using Go? Does the language have a construct?

Like Python: if "x" in array: ...


There is no built-in operator to do it in Go. You need to iterate over the array. You can write your own function to do it, like this:

func stringInSlice(a string, list []string) bool {
    for _, b := range list {
        if b == a {
            return true
    return false

Or in Go 1.18 or newer, you can use slices.Contains (from

If you want to be able to check for membership without iterating over the whole list, you need to use a map instead of an array or slice, like this:

visitedURL := map[string]bool {
    "": true,
    "": true,
if visitedURL[thisSite] {
    fmt.Println("Already been here.")

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