Does the Request Per Second (rps) depends on framework/language?


I’m confused regarding what are the factors which affects the rps.

some say, django is slow as cannot handle a lot of concurrent request while the performance is more in node or golang.

in which scenario in the rps going to be maximum and why.

  1. django app hosted on a vps without nginx
  2. django app hosted on a vps with nginx
  3. Express app hosted on a vps without nginx
  4. Express app hosted on a vps with nginx

also i’ve created an express project and if i’m recreating the project in go-fiber, how much performance difference is going to be there and which aspect of my app are going to improve and why.

thanks in advance


When starting any project, don’t think about performance. Think about the health and safety of the project and also about quick access to the market/production
From the four options you put forward, the answer will be:
Express app hosted with nginx/appache/caddy.
nginx/appache/caddy performs a lot of tasks, including the cache. This makes your application faster.
This does not mean that Django is slow. Django is still fast enough. The important thing is to choose the technology you are good at and enjoy development with.
Finally Go apps will be the fastest and safest too.
First, because it is a static type language, This gives speed and safety.
And because it is a compiled language. This gives it speed and stability.
And because it uses all available cores (cpu) automatically, With other languages, exploiting all the available cores would be complicated.

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