File is not `goimports`-ed with -local somePath


I made some changes in Golang project and later ran make test which takes care of linting, formatting and unit testing. But when it run, it throws following error

pkg/skaffold/kubernetes/wait.go:23: File is not `goimports`-ed with -local (goimports)

Here is the link to Code.


Just doing normal Sort imports will probably not work. I think you have goimports linting with local-prefixes enabled, which is why the error File is not 'goimports'-ed with -local ...

Normally goimports sorts the imported libraries in a way so that standard pkg and others are in a separated group. However when you have local-prefixes enable, linting expects standard pkg, 3rd party pkg, and the pkg with the specified local-prefixes (in your case, aka your own project pkg), these 3 types in separate group. (ref:

import (
  // stdlib

  // third-party

  // other packages of that project

These doesn’t have to be in 3 groups, you can have more that 3 groups. Just make sure that above 3 types (or 2) are not in the same one.


When you run goimports make sure you run it with -local flag. I think you can configure your IDE as well to do that. In your case it should look something like this:

goimports -local "" -w .

-w flag so that it writes the changes back

. (dot) for all the files or you can specify just one file

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