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I want to convert a struct to map in Golang. It would also be nice if I could use the JSON tags as keys in the created map (otherwise defaulting to field name).

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Since structs repo was archived, you can use mapstructure instead.

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If you want the fast solution for converting a structure to map, see the accepted answer, upvote it and use that package.

Happy coding! 🙂

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So far I have this function, I am using the reflect package but I don’t understand well how to use the package, please bear with me.

func ConvertToMap(model interface{}) bson.M {
    ret := bson.M{}

    modelReflect := reflect.ValueOf(model)

    if modelReflect.Kind() == reflect.Ptr {
        modelReflect = modelReflect.Elem()

    modelRefType := modelReflect.Type()
    fieldsCount := modelReflect.NumField()

    var fieldData interface{}

    for i := 0; i < fieldsCount; i++ {
        field := modelReflect.Field(i)

        switch field.Kind() {
        case reflect.Struct:
        case reflect.Ptr:
            fieldData = ConvertToMap(field.Interface())
            fieldData = field.Interface()

        ret[modelRefType.Field(i).Name] = fieldData

    return ret

Also I looked at JSON package source code, because it should contain my needed implementation (or parts of it) but don’t understand too much.


I also had need for something like this. I was using an internal package which was converting a struct to a map. I decided to open source it with other struct based high level functions. Have a look:

It has support for:

  • Convert struct to a map
  • Extract the fields of a struct to a []string
  • Extract the values of a struct to a []values
  • Check if a struct is initialized or not
  • Check if a passed interface is a struct or a pointer to struct

You can see some examples here:
For example converting a struct to a map is a simple:

type Server struct {
    Name    string
    ID      int32
    Enabled bool

s := &Server{
    Name:    "gopher",
    ID:      123456,
    Enabled: true,

// => {"Name":"gopher", "ID":123456, "Enabled":true}
m := structs.Map(s)

The structs package has support for anonymous (embedded) fields and nested structs. The package provides to filter certain fields via field tags.

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