Go Concurrency Pattern- will this leave hanging goroutines?


In Rob Pike’s Google IO talk on Go Concurrency Patterns, he presented this code as an example of how to pick the fastest responder from a number of replica servers:

func First(query string, replicas ...Search) Result {
    c := make(chan Result)
    searchReplica := func(i int) { c <- replicas[i](query) }
    for i := range replicas {
        go searchReplica(i)
    return <-c

Question: Won’t this leave N-1 of the replica goroutines blocking on a channel write?

In the discussion after the talk, one of the audience members seems to be asking this question, but got kind of a handy-wavy response.

I’d be inclined to change the 3rd line to something like this:

searchReplica := func(i int) {
   select {
      case c <- replicas[i](query):
      default: // non-blocking write


You are correct. But that doesn’t fit on a single slide. He was talking about concurrency patterns, not necessarily the code to do it.

Of course, I still wouldn’t have put that code on a slide…

Answered By – Stephen Weinberg

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