Go – Error when compiling a group of functions


I’m trying to implement a very simple test function to verify results coming from my solutions for Euler problems.

In the following code I’ve created a map of slices where on the index 0, I call the function which return a integer and on the index 1, the result I expect from that function.

package euler

import "testing"

func TestEulers(t *testing.T) {

    tests := map[string][]int{
        "Euler1": {Euler1(), 233168},
        "Euler2": {Euler2(), 4613732},
        "Euler3": {Euler3(), 6857},
        "Euler4": {Euler4(), 906609},
        "Euler5": {Euler5(), 232792560},
        "Euler6": {Euler6(), 25164150},

    for key, value := range tests {
        if value[0] != value[1] {
            t.Errorf("%s\nExpected: %d\nGot:%d",
                key, value[0], value[1])

For that map, every function works fine and return the result I expect if I run one by one or if I comment, let’s say, half part of those keys/values.

For example, if I call the the function above with these lines commented the test will PASS.

tests := map[string][]int{
    "Euler1": {Euler1(), 233168},
    // "Euler2": {Euler2(), 4613732},
    "Euler3": {Euler3(), 6857},
    "Euler4": {Euler4(), 906609},
    // "Euler5": {Euler5(), 232792560},
    // "Euler6": {Euler6(), 25164150},

But if I arrange the comments on that next way, for example, the test wouldn’t.

tests := map[string][]int{
        //"Euler1": {Euler1(), 233168},
        "Euler2": {Euler2(), 4613732},
        "Euler3": {Euler3(), 6857},
        "Euler4": {Euler4(), 906609},
        //"Euler5": {Euler5(), 232792560},
        // "Euler6": {Euler6(), 25164150},

The test will give me an error:

Write by goroutine 6:
      /private/var/folders/q8/bf_4b1ts2zj0l7b0p1dv36lr0000gp/T/workdir/go/src/runtime/chan.go:295 +0x0
      /Users/Alessandro/GO/src/github.com/alesr/project-euler/euler.go:40 +0xd7
      /Users/Alessandro/GO/src/github.com/alesr/project-euler/euler_test.go:9 +0x46
      /private/var/folders/q8/bf_4b1ts2zj0l7b0p1dv36lr0000gp/T/workdir/go/src/testing/testing.go:456 +0xdc

Previous read by goroutine 7:
      /private/var/folders/q8/bf_4b1ts2zj0l7b0p1dv36lr0000gp/T/workdir/go/src/runtime/chan.go:107 +0x0
      /Users/Alessandro/GO/src/github.com/alesr/numbers/numbers.go:103 +0x59

Goroutine 6 (running) created at:
      /private/var/folders/q8/bf_4b1ts2zj0l7b0p1dv36lr0000gp/T/workdir/go/src/testing/testing.go:561 +0xaa3
      /private/var/folders/q8/bf_4b1ts2zj0l7b0p1dv36lr0000gp/T/workdir/go/src/testing/testing.go:494 +0xe4
      github.com/alesr/project-euler/_test/_testmain.go:54 +0x20f

Goroutine 7 (running) created at:
      /Users/Alessandro/GO/src/github.com/alesr/numbers/numbers.go:105 +0x60
      /Users/Alessandro/GO/src/github.com/alesr/project-euler/euler.go:27 +0x32
      /Users/Alessandro/GO/src/github.com/alesr/project-euler/euler_test.go:9 +0x46
      /private/var/folders/q8/bf_4b1ts2zj0l7b0p1dv36lr0000gp/T/workdir/go/src/testing/testing.go:456 +0xdc
panic: send on closed channel

goroutine 36 [running]:
    /Users/Alessandro/GO/src/github.com/alesr/numbers/numbers.go:103 +0x5a
created by github.com/alesr/numbers.FibonacciGen
    /Users/Alessandro/GO/src/github.com/alesr/numbers/numbers.go:105 +0x61

goroutine 1 [chan receive]:
testing.RunTests(0x24d038, 0x2f7340, 0x1, 0x1, 0xf78401)
    /private/var/folders/q8/bf_4b1ts2zj0l7b0p1dv36lr0000gp/T/workdir/go/src/testing/testing.go:562 +0xafa
testing.(*M).Run(0xc82004df00, 0x1ff0e8)
    /private/var/folders/q8/bf_4b1ts2zj0l7b0p1dv36lr0000gp/T/workdir/go/src/testing/testing.go:494 +0xe5
    github.com/alesr/project-euler/_test/_testmain.go:54 +0x210

goroutine 17 [syscall, locked to thread]:
    /private/var/folders/q8/bf_4b1ts2zj0l7b0p1dv36lr0000gp/T/workdir/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1696 +0x1

goroutine 35 [runnable]:
github.com/alesr/strings.Flip(0xc8200727a0, 0x6, 0x0, 0x0)
    /Users/Alessandro/GO/src/github.com/alesr/strings/strings.go:33 +0x17e
    /Users/Alessandro/GO/src/github.com/alesr/project-euler/euler.go:73 +0x95
    /Users/Alessandro/GO/src/github.com/alesr/project-euler/euler_test.go:11 +0x63
testing.tRunner(0xc8200b6000, 0x2f7340)
    /private/var/folders/q8/bf_4b1ts2zj0l7b0p1dv36lr0000gp/T/workdir/go/src/testing/testing.go:456 +0xdd
created by testing.RunTests
    /private/var/folders/q8/bf_4b1ts2zj0l7b0p1dv36lr0000gp/T/workdir/go/src/testing/testing.go:561 +0xaa4
exit status 2
FAIL    github.com/alesr/project-euler  0.022s

But still, I checked every single function and they work just as expected.
You can access the Euler source code or the packages numbers and strings if you want.

At Euler2 function I have a defer statement to close the channel which is receiving from FibonacciGen.

And on FibonacciGen I do have another defer statement to close the same channel.

It seems that’s the my first error. I should have just one and not two statements to close the channel, since they are trying to close the same thing. Is that correct?

Second (and here I’m even a little more unsure), the defer statement will prevent the function to be called until the main goroutine returns, right? Independently if I call it on the package main or not?

Plus, since the data is flowing through the channel from FibonacciGen to the main function. It seems for me, that if I close the channel at FibonacciGen I don’t need to notify the main function. But If I close the channel on the main function I do have to notify FibonacciGen to stop trying to send to this channel.


Thank you all. With your help I could understand that I was closing the channel in the wrong way.

Now works correctly.

func Euler2() int {

    c := make(chan int)
    done := make(chan bool)

    go numbers.FibonacciGen(c, done)

    sum := 0
    var f int

    for {
        f = <-c
        if f < 4000000 {
            if f%2 == 0 {
                sum += f
        } else {
            return sum

func FibonacciGen(c chan int, done chan bool) {

    for {
        select {
        case <-done:
            for i, j := 0, 1; ; i, j = i+j, i {
                c <- i


Answered By – Alessandro Resta

Answer Checked By – Mary Flores (GoLangFix Volunteer)

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