Go-gorm mysql "unsupported type []string, a slice of string"


I use gorm, and try to create transaction to mysql. I have a struct

type Game struct {
    Images []string

game := Game{Images: []string{"1.png", "2.png"}}

db := Database()

tx := db.Begin()

if err := tx.Create(&game).Error; err != nil {
    return errors.New("Cannot add game")


But I get error (sql: converting argument $1 type: unsupported type []string, a slice of string). I understand, that mysql unsupported this type, but can I someway resolve this problem? I guess I can change type to json.rawMessage, but I think it’s a wrong way.

I use dialect "github.com/jinzhu/gorm/dialects/mysql"


If you want a list of something in MySql, you have two options

  1. You could serialize the list yourself (into a comma-separated string, json, or another serialization format) and store it in a string or bytes column.
  2. You can use join to associate the two tables.

gorm supports joins through something it calls associations. In this case, you have a has many association (http://doc.gorm.io/associations.html#has-many).

An example of how you might do this is:

type Game struct {
    GameImages   []GameImage

type GameImage struct {
    Name string


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