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I’m a beginning go user trying to install the go apache arrow module, so I can run the introductory examples in the user guide. When I try to install the library, I receive the following errors:

$ go install github.com/apache/arrow/go@latest
go: github.com/apache/arrow/go@latest: 
module github.com/apache/arrow@latest found (v0.0.0-20220326002331-5bd4d8ec279d), 
but does not contain package github.com/apache/arrow/go

$ go install github.com/apache/arrow/go@v7.0.0
go: github.com/apache/arrow/go@v7.0.0: github.com/apache/arrow/go@v7.0.0: 
invalid version: go/go.mod has post-v7 module path
"github.com/apache/arrow/go/v7" at revision go/v7.0.0

I’ve been able to install other go packages successfully, so I don’t understand why this install is erroring out.

What is the correct invocation of "go install" to install apache arrow?


There is an easy way: assume you have done go mod init in your local project, you can start to write a file and import github.com/apache/arrow/go/v8 Like this example:


Now you can easily do

go mod tidy && go mod vendor

And the tool should recognize the imports to download and vendorize.

Or you can do explicitly in your project dir,

go get -u github.com/apache/arrow/go/v8

then run the mod tidy and mod vendor

Answered By – Tiago Peczenyj

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