goland how to use gofmt?


I started learning golang and installed GoLand from JetBrains. I am reading the book The Go Programming Language, and in the first chapter author strongly recommends using the gofmt tool before each save. How I can follow this recommendation in GoLand?


GoLand have commands to go fmt your file or project. Right click on your file and you will find it under “Go tools”. You could see its shortcut there.

You can also use “Reformat code” command (bound to Command-Alt-L for me). It’s not 100% same as go fmt but very close. Also works for other languages.

If you have an open terminal, you can run go fmt ./... to format all files in a directory (including sub directories). You can put this in a git commit hook to run it every time you commit.

As others mentioned there’s a file watcher section under Preferences → Tools → File Watchers, in there you can setup to run go fmt or goimports everytime you save a Go file.

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