Golang: Assigning a value to struct member that is a pointer


I’m trying to assign a value to a struct member that is a pointer, but it gives “panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference” at runtime…

package main

import (

// Test
type stctTest struct {
    blTest *bool

func main() {

    var strctTest stctTest
    *strctTest.blTest = false

    fmt.Println("Test is " + strconv.FormatBool(*strctTest.blTest))


The runtime error seems to come from the assignment of the value with *strctTest.blTest = false , but why? How do I set it to false?


Why is it an error? Because a pointer only points. It doesn’t create anything to point AT. You need to do that.

How to set it to false? This all depends on WHY you made it a pointer.

Is every copy of this supposed to point to the same bool? Then it should be allocated some space in a creation function.

func NewStruct() *strctTest {
    bl := true
    return &strctTest{
        blTest: &bl,

Is the user supposed to point it at a boolean of his own? Then it should be set manually when creating the object.

func main() {
    myBool := false
    stctTest := strctTest{
        blTest: &myBool

    fmt.Println("Test is " + strconv.FormatBool(*strctTest.blTest))


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