golang compiler errors when trying to use interface method


I am building a simple observable and handler package:

package observe

type EventType string

type Event struct {
    Type EventType
    Data interface{}

type Observable interface {
    Subscribe(EventType, *Handler)
    Unsubscribe(EventType, *Handler)
    Emit(EventType, interface{})

type Handler interface {

I created this to use the package:

type ObservableMock struct {
    subscribers map[EventType][]*Handler

func (om *ObservableMock) Emit(et EventType, data interface{}) {
    event := &Event{
        Type: et,
        Data: data,
    for _, handler := range om.subscribers[et] {

When I try to use handler.Handle(event) I get this: handler.Handle undefined (type *Handler has no field or method Handle)

It doesn’t make sense to me. As far as I understand golang interfaces it should work, because any implementation of the Handler interface is going to have Handle(*Event).


The problem is that Visual Code is actually not giving the same error as the compiler when running go build.

The real error is: observe/observe_test.go:34:11: handler.Handle undefined (type *Handler is pointer to interface, not interface)

This could be easily solved by dereferencing the handler: (*handler).Handle(event).

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