Golang encode string UTF16 little endian and hash with MD5


I am a Go beginner and stuck with a problem.
I want to encode a string with UTF16 little endian and then hash it with MD5 (hexadecimal). I have found a piece of Python code, which does exactly what I want. But I am not able to transfer it to Google Go.

md5 = hashlib.md5()
response = md5.hexdigest()

The challenge is a variable containing a string.


You can do it with less work (or at least more understandability, IMO) by using golang.org/x/text/encoding and golang.org/x/text/transform to create a Writer chain that will do the encoding and hashing without so much manual byte slice handling. The equivalent function:

func utf16leMd5(s string) []byte {
    enc := unicode.UTF16(unicode.LittleEndian, unicode.IgnoreBOM).NewEncoder()
    hasher := md5.New()
    t := transform.NewWriter(hasher, enc)
    return hasher.Sum(nil)

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