GoLang postgres testcontainers init script doesn't work


I want to start postgres container with init script.

request := testcontainers.ContainerRequest{
        Image:      "postgres:14.1-alpine",
        Entrypoint: nil,
        Env: map[string]string{
            "POSTGRES_DB":       "postgres",
            "PGUSER":            "postgres",
            "POSTGRES_PASSWORD": "postgres",
            //"PGDATA":            "postgres",
        ExposedPorts: []string{"5432"},
        BindMounts: map[string]string{
            "/media/mihovelgod/Новый том1/GoProjects/microservices/sql/go-sql/resources/migrations": "/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d",
        Name:       "postgres",
        User:       "postgres",
        WaitingFor: wait.ForLog("database system is ready to accept connections"),
        AutoRemove: true,
container, err = testcontainers.GenericContainer(
            ContainerRequest: request,
            Started:          true,
    if err != nil {

I got the following panic messages in log.Panicln(err):

failed to create container
Error response from daemon
invalid mount config for type "bind": bind source path does not exist: /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d

The point is that it perfectly works from docker-compose.yml.
How to fix this?


Looking at the source, it appears that TestContainers wants container_path: host_path in BindMounts. What happens if you try:

        BindMounts: map[string]string{
             "/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d": "/media/mihovelgod/Новый том1/GoProjects/microservices/sql/go-sql/resources/migrations",

It looks like more recent versions of TestContainers have removed BindMounts completely and replaced it with a more generic Mounts field.

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