Golang run on Windows without deal with the Firewall


I’m working on a Rest API with Go, but everytime I try to run my application with

go run main.go

the Windows Firewall tells me that has blocked some features of my app. I would like to know if there’s some way to make my executions without have to Accept everytime.


Hi I had the same problem:
Try that:

  1. Go to Windows Defender Firewall, in Left side menu you saw Inbound Rules click there, then Right Side menu you will see New Rule… click.
  2. Choose Port opened from window -> Next
    Select TCP, then define which ports you want I choose 8080 click Next again, Choose Allow the connection Next, Check All Next, Give any Name Goland or anything you want and press Finish. Thats it

Answered By – Ismayil Ismayilov

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