Golang Swagger annotation for enum input parameter


I am not sure how to specify annotation for an input string parameter for a rest call. Where input parameter can take one of three possible string values.

If I have to assume there will be a drop down menu with these three value (containers/bundles/web) and the user will chose one of them. Previously I am referring to this documentation to create annotation for an in parameters.

I am trying to annotate go code, so that I can generate swagger.yaml automatically (swagger generate spec -o ./swagger.yaml --scan-models). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an annotated example that expects enums or the input parameters is limited to certain values. Looks for some code examples.


some thing like this with enum annotation should work.

// swagger:parameters artifactInfo
type ArtifactTypeParam struct {
    // The type of artifact
    // in: path
    // enum: container,bundle,executbale
    // required: true
    ArtifactType string `json:"artifactType"`

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