GORM doesnt update boolean field to false


On updates gorm doesnt update boolean type to false. By default it updates to true, but when i try to update to false not changes. I dont see any errors also. What can be the issue ?

type Attendee struct {
    ID             uint   `gorm:"primary_key" gorm:"AUTO_INCREMENT" json:"id,omitempty" mapstructure:"id" csv:"ID"`
    Email          string `json:"email,omitempty" mapstructure:"email" csv:"Email,required"`

    ShowDirectory  bool   `json:"show_directory,omitempty" gorm:"default:true" mapstructure:"show_directory" csv:"-"`

var attendee Attendee
// JSON.unmarshal lines here for the &attendee
if err := service.DB.Model(&attendee).Updates(Attendee{
        Email:         attendee.Email,
        ShowDirectory: false
}).Error; err != nil {
    return Attendee{}, err

Alternate Solution:

This works, but I am updating multiple attributies. So, I cant use this.

    att := Attendee{ID: 1}
    service.DB.Model(&att).Update("ShowDirectory", false)


As @mkopriva mentioned, by GORM Documentation

// Update attributes with `struct`, will only update non-zero fields
db.Model(&user).Updates(User{Name: "hello", Age: 18, Active: false})
// UPDATE users SET name='hello', age=18, updated_at = '2013-11-17 > 21:34:10' WHERE id = 111;

// Update attributes with `map`
db.Model(&user).Updates(map[string]interface{}{"name": "hello", "age": 18, "actived": false})
// UPDATE users SET name='hello', age=18, actived=false, updated_at='2013-11-17 21:34:10' WHERE id=111;

NOTE When update with struct, GORM will only update non-zero fields, you might want to use map to update attributes or use Select to specify fields to update


if err := service.DB.Model(&attendee).Updates(map[string]interface{}{
    "Email":          attendee.Email,
    "ShowDirectory": false
}).Error; err != nil {
    return Attendee{}, err

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