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I’m currently querying a MySql database in GO using gorm. I’m querying a table which i only know its name and nothing else. For this reason I return from the query []map[string]interface{}, as suggested in gorm documentation (Find To Map, https://gorm.io/docs/advanced_query.html#Find-To-Map).

I have the following problem: query returns right number of element,but are empty map (ex. [map[] map[] map[] map[]]). I don’t know how to fix this problem, someone could help me to understand what’s wrong?

Thank you.


Code example:

db, err := gorm.Open("mysql", "connection_to_my_db")
var results []map[string]interface{}
err := db.Table("MyTable").Where("condition = ?", id).Find(&results).Error
if err != nil {
    return nil, err


Make sure you are using Gorm V2

Which is the git release tag 1.2. Gorm V1 doesn’t support Find to Map. Check the instructions here on how to upgrade https://gorm.io/docs/v2_release_note.html#How-To-Upgrade

var results []map[string]interface{}
db.Table("MyTable").Where("condition = ?","foo").Find(&results)
// This "pretty" prints it to the console
b, _:= json.MarshalIndent(results, "", "    ")

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