Goroutine analogues in other languages


Concurrency is really hard part of programming. Recent time goroutine is very popular. My question is – What kind of goroutine analogues exist in other languages?


goroutine are inspired by CSP (Communicating sequential processes), which is highly influential in the design of the occam programming language, and also influenced the design of programming languages such as Limbo, RaftLib, Go, and Crystal.

Note that goroutine are not without criticisms.

It differs from the Actor Model in that:

  • CSP processes are anonymous, while actors have identities.
  • CSP message-passing fundamentally involves a rendezvous between the processes involved in sending and receiving the message. In contrast, message-passing in actor systems is fundamentally asynchronous
  • CSP uses explicit channels for message passing, whereas actor systems transmit messages to named destination actors.

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