How can I get this type of data in Go lang?


This is API response data, looks like this.

    "pds": [

How can I get this data in Go lang?
I tried json.Unmarshall and get with map[string]interface{} but it looks like I used the wrong type to get the data.
Should I use structure??


You need to create a struct to handle this properly if you don’t want the json.Unmarshall output to be a map[string]interface{}.

If you map this JSON object to a Go struct you find the following structure:

type APIResponse struct {
    Result  int    `json:"result"`
    Message string `json:"message"`
    Pds     []struct {
        State string     `json:"state"`
        Code  int        `json:"code"`
        Name  string     `json:"name"`
        Price float64    `json:"price"`
    } `json:"pds"`
    Request struct {
        Op string `json:"op"`
    } `json:"request"`

You also can find a great tool to convert JSON objects to Go structs here

Answered By – Raphael Salomao

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