How do i programatically determine whether a pod is in crashloopbackoff


Is there a way to determine programatically if a pod is in crashloopbackoff?
I tried the following

pods,err :=  client.CoreV1().Pods(namespace).List(context.TODO(), metav1.ListOptions{})
if err != nil { 
    return err
for _, item := range pods.Items {
   log.Printf("found pod %v with state %v  reason %v and phase %v that started at %v",
                item.Name, item.Status.Message, item.Status.Reason, item.Status.Phase, item.CreationTimestamp.Time)

However this just prints blank for state and reason, tough it prints the phase.


To clarify I am posting a community wiki answer.

It’s hiding in ContainerStateWaiting.Reason:

kubectl get po -o jsonpath='{.items[*].status.containerStatuses[*].state.waiting.reason}'

although be aware that it only intermittently shows up there, since it is an intermittent state of the container; perhaps a more programmatic approach is to examine the restartCount and the Error state

See also this repository.

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