How do you left align a printf on Docker format


I am trying to align a set of docker service ps calls together using printf but it seems to align things on the right when I use printf

for service in $(command docker service ls --format "{{.Name}}")
  command docker service ps \
    --format "table {{ .Name | printf \"%20.20s\" }}\t{{ .Image | printf \"%40.40s\" }}\t{{ .Node | printf \"%20.20s\" }}\t{{.CurrentState}}\t{{.Error}}" \

How do I make the printf left align?


The template’s printf function uses the fmt package. The fmt package documents there’s a - flag:

- pad with spaces on the right rather than the left (left-justify the field)

So instead of

{{ printf "%20.20s" }}

Simply use

{{ printf "%-20.20s" }}

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