How might I create a map in Go with tuples as values?


How might I create a map that has strings as keys and tuples ,of one or many elements, as values?
The elements of the tuples are to be strings of phone numbers.
Much like what I have in the following Python code:

chicas = { "Alexia":("600000000"), 
"Paola":("600000008", "600000007", "600000005", "600000001", "600000004", "600000000"),

The variable chicas is meant to be immutable.
I’ve started with:

type chica struct {
  name string
  number tuple

but I get from Go: undefined: tuple.


If the size of your values are fixed, you can make a type like you have, or just use a map[string]string


type MyTuple struct {
   key string
   value string

func main() {
  var x := make(map[string]MyTuple)
  x[“foo”] = MyTuple{ key: “bar”, value: “baz” }

Alternatively, you can do map[string][]string to make a map of strings to slices of strings, []MyTuple, or map[string]map[string]string to make a map of strings containing maps.

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