How to filter date with golang and mongodb?


I’m trying to query records from mongodb using golang but seems like it’s not working. I tried running the query with mongo cli using ISODate() and it works but I’m not sure how to call ISODate with golang. Below is a snippet of the code I’m running.

type Record struct{
    ID         primitive.ObjectID `bson:"_id"`
    PropertyID primitive.ObjectID `bson:"propertyID"`
    CreatedAt  primitive.DateTime `bson:"createdAt"`
// ....
cur, err := collection.Find(ctx, bson.M{"createdAt": bson.M{
    "$gte": time.Now().UTC().AddDate(-1, 0, 0).Format(time.RFC3339),
// ....
var recs []Record
err = cur.All(ctx, &recs)

if I run len(recs) I get 0 but in mongo-cli I’m getting result when I run code below.

    createdAt: {
        $gte: ISODate("2019-11-02T23:16:58+08:00")
}).sort({createdAt: -1})

by the way 2019-11-02T23:16:58+08:00 is the output of time.Now().UTC().AddDate(-1, 0, 0).Format(time.RFC3339)

Thanks in advance guys 😀


Try primitive.NewObjectIDFromTimestamp.

From there you can convert time.Time to primitive.ObjectID and vice versa.

func NewObjectIDFromTimestamp(timestamp time.Time) ObjectID

NewObjectIDFromTimestamp generates a new ObjectID based on the given time.

Or primitive.NewDateTimeFromTime, what creates a DateTime.

func NewDateTimeFromTime(t time.Time) DateTime

NewDateTimeFromTime creates a new DateTime from a Time.

And then pass that to your query filter like this:

cur, err := collection.Find(ctx, bson.M{"createdAt": bson.M{
    "$gte": primitive.NewDateTimeFromTime(time.Now().AddDate(-1, 0, 0)),

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