How to get Azure AD JWT in GO


So I’m testing the waters with Go. I need to manually make a REST call to an Azure AD protected endpoint. I’m using the Azure Identity package, but still I am not able to get the token.

package main

import (

    azi ""

func main() {

    cred, err := azi.NewInteractiveBrowserCredential(nil)
    if err != nil {

    fmt.Println("No error 😎")
    var ctx = context.Context()

This then yields the following error response

# command-line-arguments
.\main.go:19:27: missing argument to conversion to context.Context: context.Context()

Can someone please point me in the right direction of what I am doing wrong?


context.Context is an interface, not a method ( that is why you’re getting the error, you’re attempting to convert nothing to that type.

Calls to the GetToken method require something that implements context.Context.

Try replacing var ctx = context.Context() with var ctx = context.Background()

Read more about context.Context here

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