How to handle linked models?


I have two models, using Go 1.19:

type User struct {
    Name string
    ID   int

type Order struct {
    ID   int
    Name string
    User *User
    // or
    UserID int

Of course, the database orders table has a foreign key to the users table via user_id.

Probably in different situations I have to use one of these models. When exactly?
Mb only user_id in DTO models, the user in responses from the server?

I will be glad for any information 🙂


It depends on your purpose. As usual, you have to use id when a table to include has meta info about your entity (often it’s tables with a lot of rows and so heavy), therefore it will be better to use id, otherwise if it’s table which describe some fields in initial table, you can use full entity.

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