How to learn internals of the Go Programming Language?


Recently I’ve participated several Go job interviews. The first one asked me How is channel implemented?, then the second one asked How is goroutine implemented?. Well as you can guess, the next one asked How is a Go interface implemented?.

I’ve been using Go for six months, but to be honest I never did care or know these Go internals.

I tried to learn these by reading the source code of Go, but can’t really understand the quintessence.

So the question is, for a noob in Go, how do I learn the Go internals?


The most organized collection of internal resources links is probably this:

Golang Internals Resources

Other than that, answers to these questions aren’t collected in once place, but they are scattered in different blog posts.

Slice internals: The Go Blog: usage and internals

String internals: The Go Blog: Strings, bytes, runes and characters in Go

Constants internals: The Go Blog: Constants

Reflection insight: The Go Blog: The Laws of Reflection

Interface internals: RSC: Go Data Structures: Interfaces

Channel implementation: Overview on SO: How are Go channels implemented?

Channel internals: Go channel on steroids

Map implementation: Overview on SO: Golang map internal implementation – how does it search the map for a key?; also related: Go's maps under the hood

Map internals: Macro View of Map Internals In Go

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