How to look up multipolygon data in mysql by coordinates


// 맵 데이터
        id bigint unsigned primary key auto_increment,
        level tinyint unsigned NOT NULL,
        geom multipolygon NOT NULL,
        country_name varchar(30) NOT NULL,
        country_code varchar(10) NOT NULL,
        name varchar(50),
        minx REAL NOT NULL,
        miny REAL NOT NULL,
        maxx REAL NOT NULL,
        maxy REAL NOT NULL

Data is created in the table created with the code above. The geom column is a multipolygon type, and the following data is inserted.

MULTIPOLYGON (((5.347486495971623 45.98247528076172, 5.3532729148865315 45.991767883300895, 5.3617901802064125 45.99477386474615, 5.37621974945074 45.99368667602545, 5.380286693572998 45.98820495605469, 5.3969597816467285 45.981689453125, 5.396285533905029 45.97837066650396, 5.378274440765438 45.97423934936529, 5.347486495971623 45.98247528076172)))

After that, I wanted to get the multipolygon data to which the coordinates belong as a map coordinate point type, and I tried the following.

FROM geo_datas
WHERE MBRContains(geom , ST_GeomFromText('Point(37.543238571036824 126.9867128133774)'));

When I executed the above sql, it ran for 201 seconds.
And it returned 0 results.

The data I have is world data, a result of 0 is impossible, I don’t know why it returns 0.

The query is also very slow, I don’t know how to solve it, please give me some advice, can I have a simple example?


ALTER TABLE geo_datas
    ADD SPATIAL(multipolygon);

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