How to prevent go mod tidy from looking up a replaced module path


Consider the following setup:



require dummy
replace => ./sub



If I run go mod tidy in the main directory, it emits

go: errors parsing go.mod:
[…]/go.mod:3: unrecognized import path "": reading 404 Not Found

Even if the URL existed, my understanding is that due to the replace directive, go mod has no business whatsoever with the original source because I replaced it. So why is it querying the source then? And how can I prevent that?

I already tried to set GOPROXY=off which resulted in

[…]/go.mod:3: module lookup disabled by GOPROXY=off


Just assign a proper version number like v0.0.0 and it will work.

Go modules use the semantic versioning model and cannot have arbitrary versions like dummy. The supported version formats are described in Module version numbering.

Bonus note: avoid nesting Go modules. That may lead to a messy setup and problems with tooling down the road.

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