How to represent a mock map[string][]byte for unit test?


I am doing some unit tests and would like to fill out all the variables in a struct. The map[string][]byte data type is giving me trouble though because I think that the example below should be what it should look like in order to appease the compiler but I receive an error which is unclear about how to correct the mistake.

map["k1":[1,2,3] "k2":[4,5,6] "k3":[7,8,9]]

The error message:

expected type, found "k1"

Any ideas on what is wrong with my mock output?


You have bad syntax.
You should initialize it and declare like below

    x := map[string][]byte{
        "k1": []byte{1, 2, 3},
        "k2": []byte{4, 5, 6},
        "k3": []byte{7, 8, 9},

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