How to return all value out the for loop in golang


In python I can return how value what I append in the array

valuesinPy= []
for i range(len(value)) :
return valuesinPy 

It’s able to return all value I want to append in golang

valueappend =make(map[strig]string)
for i :=range value{
return  valueappend  

it’s all same
But the value return same I got confused

Problem fix
I use the map [string]interface{}{} I less one struct of slice

for i :=range value{
   valueappend= append(valueappend, map[string]interface{}{
        "valueIwant append" value[i] :
return valueappend


You’ll probably need to change the value of the map each time you go through the loop, or else every value from value[i] will keep writing to that same field in the map, leaving with the last value of i as your only value in the map

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