How to set GOPRIVATE environment variable


I started working on a Go project and it uses some private modules from Github private repos and whenever I try to run go run main.go it gives me a below 410 Gone error:

verifying reading!repoURL/go-proto@v2.86.0+incompatible: 410 Gone

I can easily clone private repo from terminal which means my ssh keys are configured correctly. I read here that I need to set GOPRIVATE environment variable but I am not sure how to do that.

Can anyone answer or point to the relevant tutorial?

Go: v1.13, OS: macOS Mojave


Short Answer:

go env -w


If you want to allow all private repos from your organization

go env -w<OrgNameHere>/*

Long Answer:

Check "Module configuration for non-public modules" for more information:

The GOPRIVATE environment variable controls which modules the go command considers to be private (not available publicly) and should therefore not use the proxy or checksum database. The variable is a comma-separated list of glob patterns (in the syntax of Go’s path.Match) of module path prefixes. For example,


causes the go command to treat as private any module with a path prefix matching either pattern, including,, and


The ‘go env -w’ command (see ‘go help env’) can be used to set these variables for future go command invocations.

Note on the usage of ssh:

If you use ssh to access git repo (locally hosted), you might want to add the following to your ~/.gitconfig:

[url "ssh://git@git.local.intranet/"]
       insteadOf = https://git.local.intranet/

for the go commands to be able to access the git server.

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