how to test the result in goroutine without wait in test


When I do ut of golang, I sometimes need to test the result in goroutine, I was using time.Sleep to test, I am wondering is there any better way to test.

let’s say I have an example code like this

func Hello() {
    go func() {
        // do something and store the result for example in db
    // do something

Then when I test the func, I want to test both result in goroutine,
I am doing this:

 func TestHello(t *testing.T) {
        time.Sleep(time.Second) // sleep for a while so that goroutine can finish
        // test the result of goroutine

is there any better way to test this?

Basically, in real logic, I don’t care the result in goroutine, I don’t need to wait for it finished. but in test, I want to check after it finished.


If you really want to check the result of a goroutine, you should use a channel like so:

package main

import (

func main() {
    // in test
    c := Hello()
    if <-c != "done" {
        fmt.Println("assert error")

    // not want to check result

func Hello() <-chan string {
    c := make(chan string)
    go func() {
        fmt.Println("do something")
        c <- "done"
    return c

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