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For a personal project, I’m spawning an external process which hosts a REST API.
I only want to pass control back to the main thread once the external process has been initialized, which can be known by reading Stdout.

So I have created an io.Writer implementation which closes a channel once a certain criteria has been met.

type channelIOWriter struct {
    InitializedChannel chan bool
    isInitialized      bool
    buffer             string

func newChannelIOWriter() *channelIOWriter {
    retVal := new(channelIOWriter)
    retVal.InitializedChannel = make(chan bool)

    return retVal

func (writer *channelIOWriter) Write(data []byte) (int, error) {
    for _, b := range data {

        if b == '\n' {
            writer.buffer = *bytes.NewBuffer(make([]byte, 0))


        if strings.HasPrefix(writer.buffer.String(), "ChromeDriver was started successfully.") {
            if !writer.isInitialized {

            writer.isInitialized = true

    return len(data), nil

Next, I have the main function which, in a seperate goroutine, spawns the external process.
A wait is performed on the channel that’s suposed to be closed by the io.Writer implementation.

func main() {
    writer := newChannelIOWriter()

    go func() {
        cmd := exec.Command("chromedriver", "--port=9009")
        cmd.Stdout = writer


    fmt.Println("Control is passed back to the MAIN thread.")

According to the comments on the question, it seems to be better to use a context.
Anyone who can explain on how to use that?


I stripped out all unnecessary detail and demo how context with deadline works

package main

import (

type example struct {
    cancel context.CancelFunc

func (e *example) Write(data []byte) (int, error) {
    defer e.cancel()
    return len(data), nil
func main() {
    deadline := time.Now().Add(5 * time.Second)
    ctx, cancel := context.WithDeadline(context.Background(), deadline)
    writer := &example{
        cancel: cancel,

    go func() {
        cmd := exec.Command("ls", ".")
        cmd.Stdout = writer
        _ = cmd.Start()


    fmt.Println("Control is passed back to the MAIN thread.", ctx.Err())

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