How to write a wrapper function for FindOptions in go mongo-driver


I want to write a wrapper function for FindOptions in my dbobject code so that I can avoid importing package options in my service code . Basically i’m trying to accomodate three func under one interface


so that i should be able to do something like Find().SetSkip().SetLimit() in a single line , is that doable ?

Also I want to know the usage of MergeFindOptions

func MergeFindOptions(opts ...*FindOptions) *FindOptions

Any examples will be of great help.


Just embed the options.FindOptions struct into a custom one. Additionally you could add a FindOptions function to initialize this custom struct, like the mongo package do by options.Find().

package your_db_package

type YourFindOptions struct {

func FindOptions() YourFindOptions {
    return YourFindOptions{options.Find()}

// ---
package your_service_package

import "your_db_package"

func GetItems() {
  opts := your_db_package.FindOptions().SetSkip(123).SetLimit(456)

As the name MergeFindOptions and the documentation says it’s for merging multiple FindOptions into a new one:

MergeFindOptions combines the given FindOptions instances into a single FindOptions in a last-one-wins fashion.

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