if i have go version 1.7 how do i know which minor i am using?


I have no idea about GO, I have never worked with it. But I have helped a team and they need to update their project.

Recently a bug has been found and they have to update the version of go to 1.17.8 but in the go.mod I see that they use 1.17.

if I put 1.17.8 I get a format error because it must be X.X it can’t be X.X.X, how do I know which version of minior I’m using? or how can I be sure I’m using the correct version.

go 1.17.8  //Compile Error -> go version '1.17.8': must match format 1.23 (I NEED THIS ONE)
go 1.17  //Compile OK


[H]ow can I be sure I’m using the correct version.

By installing the correct version. The go directive in go.mod has no influence on your installation.

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