Is there a way to display a field of a map[key-string] with value-struct, in html, in golang?


I have a datatype of map[key-string] value-struct, and I’m trying to display a field(Timing) of the struct

I tried all sort of variations for an hour, can’t seem to figure it out. Would appreciate any guidance on this, thank you!

Also apologies on the formatting, am new, do bear with me!
my code


Instead of inner loop, use {{$value.Timing}}.

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package main

import (

type A struct {
    Timing string

func main() {
    inp := `
    {{ range $key,$value:= .}}
        Key:{{$key}}, Timing {{$value.Timing}}
    valueMap := map[string]A{
        "key": A{
            Timing: "1",
    t, err := template.New("test").Parse(inp)
    if err != nil {
    err = t.Execute(os.Stdout, valueMap)
    if err != nil {

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