Is there a way to ignore test errors coming from third party packages during unit tests?


My tests are failing due to a 3rd party error that is irrelevant to the tests themselves. Basically some testserver I have to use fails to shutdown on Windows OS but actually runs fine.

I need to ignore the errors it generates, but they are in the defer part as below. Is there a way to completely ignore any errors coming from the first two lines?

func TestDoSomething(t *testing.T) {
    testServer := setupTestNomad(t) //contains 3rd party test server creation
    defer testServer.Stop()  //actually fails here in the 3rd party struct due to 3rd party code itself

    data := DoSomething()
    if data == nil { //data is not null and all is fine here
        t.Errorf("Failed, data null")

Test dies because of this within their code

enter image description here


Moving it to another namespace didn’t help nor did the above helpful comments.

The testing.T struct I carry around and use to create a new Nomad Test server allows the 3rd party code to fail my test. Not using that and using a new object as below solves this problem.


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