Low level TLS handshake?


I’d like to intercept ALPN selection and select the one I want instead of the first common one between the client and the server.


// we have some ALPN protocols and certificates for TLS/SSL
tlsConfig := &tls.Config {
    Certificates: serverCertificates,
    NextProtos  : serverALPN,
// a simple TCP server
server, err := net.Listen("tcp", serverHost+":"+serverPort) 
for {
    // we accept a connection
    conn, err := ln.Accept()
    // wrap it in TLS
    tlsConn := tls.Server(conn, &tlsConfig)
    // and pass it to the handler
    go handleConnection(tlsConn)

So far we didn’t do any TLS handshaking, so the connection is idle, pure. In func handleConnection(conn *tls.Conn) we would err := conn.Handshake() to perform the handshaking automatically for us, but how to do it manually? I didn’t seem to find any info on that in tls module documentation. I’d like to do something like this:

// we communicate with client until he's told us all the ALPNs they support
state := conn.HandshakeUntilALPN()
// we got the list, now we use some algorithm to choose the ALPN
ALPN := myALPNAlgorithm(state.listOfALPNsFromClient)
// after that we tell the client which algo we've chosen
// and we continue the handshake

Of course it’s silly pseudo-pseudo code, but hopefully you get the idea 🙂

Ideally, I’d like to know that for both the Server and the Client, if it’s possible at all.


the answer is in the crypto library:

these papers might be useful:




You will need to build your own server and client. TLSlistenandserve is an abstraction. you will have to build your own listenandserve.

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