Multiple versions of go


I am trying to learn go-lng following the official docs here:

I am stuck on the step installing extra go versions. Apparently this line should install a different version of go and make the executable available in my $PATH but it’s not happening:

go get

Instead what I see is:

c.craig$ go get
c.craig$ go1.10.7 download
-bash: go1.10.7: command not found

Where am I going wrong? I’ve tried it with a space assuming this was just a typo in the docs but even that doesn’t work:

c.craig$ go get
c.craig$ go 1.10.7 download
go 1.10.7: unknown command


The binary is installed $HOME/go/bin (or more accurately the bin directory under the path you get from go env GOPATH). The go get command doesn’t update your $PATH, so you need to add the install directory to your $PATH yourself.

Answered By – Paul Hankin

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