no handler found for uri [<index>/_doc/<document_id>/_update] and method [POST]


Currently, i am using client go-elasticsearch version v7.8.0 and elastic of version 8.1.2. the elastic search got updated from version 7.x

Now when I try to update the document it fails with the following error.

There are some stackoverflow answer i came through like this one but didn’t help

api_platform produces Error "no handler found for uri [/index/_doc/_search] and method [POST]"

elasticsearch response on failure while updating- {"error":"no handler found for uri [/<index>/_doc/<doc_id>/_update?retry_on_conflict=2] and method [POST]"

Sample query for update:

{"doc":{"info":{"description":"test description","slug":"test"}}}


You cannot use a Go client for 7.8.0 with and Elasticsearch server 8.1.2, they are not compatible. You need to upgrade your Go client to the same 8.1 version

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