No such column, SQLite GORM


Following is the struct of the Genre Model :

type Genre struct {
    ImageId   int
    GenreType string

I am executing the following query for finding all the genreTypes for an ImageId. The code is as follows:

func getGenresOfImage(DB *gorm.DB, w http.ResponseWriter, imageId int) ([]string, error) {
    var genres []string
    var allGenres []models.Genre
    genresOfCurrentImage := DB.Where("ImageId = ?", strconv.Itoa(imageId)).Find(&allGenres)
    genreRows, err := genresOfCurrentImage.Rows()
    if err != nil {
        SendErrorResponse(w, http.StatusInternalServerError, err.Error())
        // error is returned here
        return genres, err

I am getting the following error:

Images.go:46 no such column: ImageId
[0.908ms] [rows:0] SELECT * FROM `genres` WHERE ImageId = "1"

Is the syntax that I am using wrong for finding the all the genres associated with an imageId? Any help is appreciated!


Most likely your column name will be image_id.

As the gorm documentation says:

Column db name uses the field’s name’s snake_case by convention.

The tables get generated this way when you use gorm’s auto migrate feature.

For further info see:

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