Non-blocking channel in go


I have some code like this:

go func(ch chan bool) chan bool {

    // some processing
    ch <- true
    return ch

for i := 0; i < TotalQuestions; i++ {
    // check if channel ch has some value
    // If it has then execute below statements, else break out of the loop

    answer, _ := InputReader.ReadString('\n')

    // some processing

fmt.Println("Your Total score is " + strconv.Itoa(TotalScore) + " out of " + strconv.Itoa(TotalQuestions))

Now what I want to do is to check if channel ch has a value (in for loop). If it has a value then I want to break out of the for loop to print the last statement. otherwise, I want to continue my loop. I tried to insert select block but that didn’t work (The channel got blocked and code didn’t print questions). How to do that?


package main
import (

func main() {

    // user score, no.of questions asked so far
    var score, num int
    var correct bool // temporary variable to decide if the answer is right
    // questions
    var questions = make([]string, 13)

    t1 := time.Tick(time.Second * 7) // timer loop:
    for {
        select {
        case <-t1:
            log.Println("ran out of time")
            break loop
            // have any questions further questions to ask
            if num < len(questions) {

                // simulate typing
                time.Sleep(time.Millisecond * 777)

                // correct or wrong answer
                correct = (rand.Intn(777)%2 == 0)

                if correct {
                    fmt.Println("you did it")
                    score++ //increase score
                } else {
                    fmt.Println("try again")

            } else {
                // no questions, state and break
                log.Println("all questions were finished")
                break loop //break loop, all questions were finished

    //print final score
    fmt.Println("your score is:", score)

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