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I am currently writing a Kubernetes Operator using Golang and the Operator SDK.

In order to know if the creation of a resource has timed out I check the CreationTimestamp property of my current resource. After a successful Update I want to update the CreationTimestamp of that resource, but when I do that, nothing happens and the CreationTimestamp stays the same…

My Reconcile loop looks something like this:

func (r *MyReconciler) Reconcile(ctx context.Context, req ctrl.Request) (ctrl.Result, error) {
    myObject := &v1alpha1.My{}
    err := r.Get(ctx, req.NamespacedName, myObject)
    if err != nil {
      // do something

    //if marked to be deleted
    //do something

    //if marked to be updated

    err = r.Update(ctx, configMap) //updates all fields that I changed except for CreationTimestamp...
    if err != nil {
        println("ERR:", err.Error()) //doesnt get thrown

    println(myObject.CreationTimestamp) //still the old timestamp instead of v1.Now()


Or is there any other way to track when the resource was reconciled the last time?


I dont think there is a way to achieve this, but I found a workaround.

In your CRD the field metadata.annotations can store information in a map[string]string that wont be overwritten.

So I created a field called CreationTimestamp and retrieve it in my go code with myObject.ObjectMeta.Annotations["creationTimestamp"].

I can update the value like this: myObject.ObjectMeta.Annotations["creationTimestamp"] = "newvalue" and then doing an Update to save the changes

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