Parsing RFC-3339 date string to time.Time


How to convert string date format to date, I have date string in format of:


Following I tried with no luck.

t, err := time.Parse("%Y-%m-%d", "2011-01-19")
t, err := time.Parse("YYYY-MM-DD", "2011-01-19")
t, err := time.Parse("2016-01-20", "2011-01-19")

all above statements are giving parse errors.


Please read the documentation of the time.Parse:

The layout defines the format by showing how the reference time, defined to be

Mon Jan 2 15:04:05 -0700 MST 2006

would be interpreted if it were the value; it serves as an example of the input format. The same interpretation will then be made to the input string.

So the correct format is

t, err := time.Parse("2006-01-02", "2011-01-19")

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