Peeking into the top of the Priority Queue in Go?


I was trying to implement a sample program using heap, and I am able to Push and Pop from the Heap. I was able to implement the Push and Pop methods and use them as follows:

import "container/heap"

type Meeting struct {
    start int
    end int

func NewMeeting(times []int) *Meeting {
    return &Meeting{start: times[0], end: times[1] }

type PQ []*Meeting

func (pq PQ) Len() int {
    return len(pq)

func (pq PQ) Less(i, j int) bool {
    return pq[i].end < pq[j].end

func (pq PQ) Swap(i, j int) {
    pq[i], pq[j]  = pq[j], pq[i]

func (pq *PQ) Push(x interface{}) {
    item := x.(*Meeting)
    *pq = append(*pq, item)

func (pq *PQ) Pop() interface{} {
    old := *pq
    n := len(old)
    item := old[n-1]
    old[n-1] = nil  // avoid memory leak
    *pq = old[0 : n-1]
    return item

func minMeetingRooms(intervals [][]int) int {
    pq := make(PQ, 0)
    heap.Push(&pq, NewMeeting([]int{1, 3}))
    heap.Push(&pq, NewMeeting([]int{1, 2}))
    fmt.Println(heap.Pop(&pq).(*Meeting)) // I would like to log this without popping prom the Queue
    return 0

Please see the comment in the code snippet in the minMeetingRooms function.

I would like to log the top of the Priority Queue, without actually popping it. How can I go that?


You can "peek" the element that pop() will return by returning the first element of the underlying array.

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