Renaming package in goclipse causes problems


I use Eclipse as IDE for Go (I guess it’s called "Goclipse"), developing a web application. All went good and nice until I started to split functionality in smaller packages. Initially I had a package gitserver/user/project/portal. File main.go imported it and everything was working. I suddenly realized, that it should be called gitserver/user/project/webserver instead, and some other files and functionality should go into .../portal. So I did "Rename", by right clicking in Project Explorer.


package main

func main(){

Compiler complains that

  • imported and not used "gitserver/user/project/webserver" as portal
  • undefined: webserver


How to untie the "webserver" package from its old name?


GoClipse doesn’t actually do any tracking of the old name after the rename is done. Based on what you describe and the error imported and not used "gitserver/user/project/webserver" as portal you probably have an import line along the lines of portal "gitserver/user/project/webserver" somewhere, and probably in the same file it uses webserver.. Double check all your imports because these errors absolutely sound like the rename just got a little mixed up (something that’s not uncommon when doing a rename and reusing the old name).

Goclipse may not find every kind of reference to the package when renaming; the change might not be cascaded throughout the project, or even the package files. When you rename a folder, check that the package line has been changed in the package files, and update them if not.

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